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The Translator products are Internet supported products. The products are shipped, updated and supported via email. Therefore, we request you supply an email address with your purchase order. For international customers, this will save shipping charges and decrease delivery time.

Steps to Purchase LinkCAD

1. Select Payment Method - (See Below).
2. Download LinkCAD
3. Install and start LinkCAD. Note: LinkCAD or LinkCAD starts as a full function 5 day Trial Version.
4. Select the Help Menu and the "About LinkCAD" and email us the Serial Number listed.
5. We will email back the Registration Code which converts LinkCAD into purchased software.

Note: To keep the product prices low, we do not use Representatives or Dealers.

Click Here for price list.

Phone (319) 457-0844
FAX (815) 642-0046


We offer the following convenient payment terms:

Credit Cards: VISA and Mastercard

Company Check / Bank Transfers - We will fax payment information on the invoice.

Net 30 Day Purchase Orders - Orders are checked through D&B. We may request trade references.


Technical support is provided by email or telephone/FAX. If you have a problem, describe the problem and detail the issues as much as possible. If you can, attach the problem file. If necessary, we will sign and FAX a non-disclosure agreement. If you need immediate support, we are happy to assist at or at this phone number (319) 457-0844.

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