Whats New


April 2008 - Release 14 is now available. Below are the key features.  
  • Undo - up to 20 Undos now available.
  • Spiral accuracy increased.
  • Boxed Green's functions, periodic Green's functions, and advanced iterative matrix solvers for large structures.
  • Using the AIMS matrix solvers, you will be able to solve large RF, IC and antenna array problems. An example of an 8 by 8 antenna array takes less than 100 MB RAM to solve with the AIMS III matrix solver. The new matrix solvers that will solve large 8 X 8 aperture coupled patch arrays in just seconds.
  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in modeling 3D metallic structures with improved Green's functions. Robust and complete near field visualization which is important in wireless applications Advanced de-embedding scheme for high accuracy and flexibility for a wide range of applications Enhanced layer editing capabilities in the GUI.
  • Automatic creation of PCB vias and Anti-Vias. Automatic output of circuit parameters in ASCII format for streamlined and fast post-processing.
  • Improved bundled circuit simulator allowing user to define markers on display graphs and differences between markers.
  • Implantation of general antenna pattern for multiple port structures allowing users to tune the excitations of the sources without repeated pattern calculation.
  • User programmable parameterized IE3D objects for ultimate flexibility in geometry generation and optimization.