January 2012

LinkCAD Release 6.0

  • Larger databases supported (up to 192GB of RAM on 64 bit Windows)
  • Improved performance
  • Undo / Redo recording - you can now undo an unlimited number of operations
  • Improved viewer
  • Step-by-step procedure in View Help files
  • Faster redraw with interior array geometries suppressed
  • Selection of hierarchical levels to be displayed for faster redraw and understanding of design
  • Easy to use line segment measurement
  • Automatic Update notice
  • LinkCAD Release 5.7

  • Tools: Enhanced Boolean operations on files
  • License: Added non-transferrable file based host license
  • Tools: Added Text entities to "Convert to Outline" tool
  • Added option to specify arc resolutions in dots per inch (DPI)
  • Tools: Added tool for cropping drawing
  • RS-274X Import: Added support for coordinates with explicit decimal point
  • RS-274X Import: Removed special handling of D99 aperture
  • RS-274D Import: Added support for Protel Autotrax aperture files
  • RS-274X Import: Fixed option "apply layer polarities" not working
  • DXF Import: Fixed POLYLINE vertex points omitted when curve-fit tangent flag set
  • CIF Import: Added support for very long CIF comments.
  • Tools: Improved reliability of polygon operations
  • Tools: Speed and reliability improvements
  • DXF Import: Fixed drawing of fractional arcs in SHX fonts
  • Fixed use of custom SHX fonts
  • LinkCAD Release 5.6

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